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משרד להשכרה - משרדים להשכרה באזור התעשיה קיסריה


The Caesarea Assets Corporation has over 40,000 square meters of office space, close to 100 companies in the high-tech and industrial sectors and is in the midst of construction and execution of an additional 40,000 square meters. Residents within the various buildings enjoy a lucrative business package that includes: a well-maintained and comfortable work environment, train and transportation services, attractive rental and management fees, advanced buildings and a wide range of added benefits from waste disposal and security to assistance in raising capital and promoting networking among the company’s clients.

Ofek 10

Total area: 10,200 sq.m

Year built: 2016

משרדים להשכרה - השכרת משרדים בפארק העסקים

Ofek 12

Total area: 10,630 sq.m

Year built: 2016

השכרת משרדים - משרדים להשכרה בקיסריה

Ofek 13

Total area: 10,300 sq.m

Year built: 2017