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Customized Construction

One of the most prominent competitive advantages at Caesarea Assets Corporation is our ability to allocate land, plan and construct any building or structure according to spec, with optimal timetables and in full accordance with our customers' needs. The fruits of our labor can be seen in the Caesarea Business Park where you’ll find smart and flexible office buildings and logistic centers, all designed and built by the Caesarea Assets Corporation. These structures serve as examples of functionality at its best, combining meticulous planning of safety with aesthetics, while maximizing adaptation to the needs of each customer. This is expressed through all stages of activity: from long-term planning accompanied by strategic thinking as well as accurate analysis of the needs and expected development of the company, through finding concrete solutions and reducing costs, to advanced storage, streamlined collection procedures, dispatching and distribution and above all- safety of workers and installations.

Customized Office Buildings

Areas for lease: starting from 2,000 sq. meters

Customized Logistics Centers

Areas for lease: starting from 2,000 sq. meters