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Company Mission and Core Values

The Caesarea Assets Corporation is the real estate development branch of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation. The company works to develop and improve the foundation’s lands and the Caesarea Business Park as well as expand its portfolio of assets and rental properties. The proceeds earned by the company are transferred to the Foundation for the purpose of advancing higher education as well as the development of social responsibility.

Commitment to the History and Vision of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation

We are proud of our achievements and of our privelege to realize the Zionistic and historical vision of the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation.

Values: A Culture of Excellence, Quality and Professionalism

  • Better not to do at all than to do average.
  • Care and “drive” in all that you do. Work wholeheartedly.
  • Order and organization, but no redundant bureaucracy.
  • Learn lessons from doing and retain organizational knowledge.
  • Don’t make the same mistake twice.
  • Be independent, but when needed, rely on the best experts.


Values: Always Striving to Grow

  • Focus only on core operations.
  • Set challenging but measurable goals that are attainable.
  • Fight and never pass up on a good business opportunity.
  • Be assertive, and even aggressive when necessary, but always be fair.
  • Nurture relationships at a personal level and never burn bridges.
  • Assessment and feedback apply to both the individual and the team.

Commitment to customers

The company considers the residents of Caesarea, business owners and tenants, factories and employees in the business park and any potential visitor to Greater Caesarea, from Israel or abroad, as a potential customer.

Our Service Charter:


  • Be professional and understand your duties.
  • Know what you are talking about and don’t talk about what you don’t know or understand.
  • Be where you need to be and be there on time.
  • Be thorough and organized.


  • Keep your promises and don’t promise what you are not authorized to deliver.
  • Be honest and trustworthy.


  • Be polite, even under difficult circumstances.
  • Be humble.
  • Always return phone calls.
  • Be nice but also be responsible (if needed, at the expense of being nice).

Commitment to employees

The company’s management, on all levels, will work to foster identification and commitment among company employees to the organization’s vision, mission and core values until they become part of the “spirit of the organization.”

The Company’s management will provide its employees with:

  • Clear definitions of roles and matching expectations.
  • Responsibility, authority and recognition.
  • Tools for personal development in order to successfully achieve work objectives.
  • A pleasant, synergetic, efficient, focused and goal-oriented work environment.
  • Periodic positive feedback regarding meeting objectives as well as constructive criticism and opportunities to improve in the event of failure, when not the result of negligence.
  • Fairness, reciprocity, and down to earth management.