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Caesarea Business Park

The Caesarea Business Park is one of the largest and most advanced in Israel and exhibits international standards in planning, development, construction and quality of life.

A comprehensive study carried out by M.A.N Properties and published in Globes business newspaper in December 2015 reported:

“The Caesarea Business Park offers a lucrative and economical business package, and is the best option for many high tech companies due to its attractive location, comfortable work environment, rail and transportation services, rent and management fees and parking costs.”

The park’s administration features a unique management and service model, with a customer-oriented “one-stop-shop” for all services. It consistently earns an uncommonly high satisfaction rate of 95% amongst its residents.

The meticulous and efficient management carried out by the park’s administration, which is owned by the Caesarea Development Corporation, allows for service and management fees  that are among the lowest and most attractive in Israel.

Park Location
The park is centrally located between Tel Aviv and Haifa and is close to all of the main traffic routes in Israel (Highways 2, 4 and 6). Access to the park is convenient and is against traffic on the routes to and from the Tel Aviv metropolis.

Accessibility and Transportation
There are numerous public parking options within the park, an active railway station with shuttle services operating continuously throughout the day and a public transportation system with frequent bus service as well as more than 100 trains passing through the station each day.

Business Residents of the Park
The park is in great demand, with all of its existing space currently leased. It is home to more than 200 leading companies in the fields of high tech, biotechnology and medical devices, water technology and environmental science. The park’s residents include: Mazor Robotics, Alma Lasers, Itamar Medical, Arineta Cardio Imaging, Nielsen Innovate, Delta, EndoChoice, HP, Fritz and others.

More than 9,000 people are employed at the park. Every day they enjoy not only a state-of-the-art environment and quality transportation, but also five star working conditions and a range of services provided by the Caesarea Development Corporation’s park administration. These are offered at a standard that is unparalleled in Israel.

Caesarea Business Park Administration-

A Strategy of Added Value and Excellence in Practice

  • The Caesarea Business and Industrial Park is the greenest and most cultivated industrial park in Israel and has won “The Beautiful City” award for the 11th year in a row.
  • The park is run with meticulous and quality management carried out by the park’s administration, owned by the Caesarea Development Corporation- Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild. It features international standards of excellence in planning, development and construction.
  • The park’s administration offers a range of one-stop-shop services without the municipal bureaucracy. All services are provided under one roof, including marketing, initiation and development, infrastructure, construction, business licensing assistance, security, environmental conservation, landscaping, maintenance, transportation, garbage disposal, utilities and more.
  • The park has a 24/7 customer service center.
  • The park has a security center, routine patrol and a 24/7 surveillance system.
  • The park has alliances with sister parks as well as international collaborations with other high tech parks around the world.
  • The park offers many activities and benefits for all employees of the park including: sport tournaments, a dedicated park newspaper, employee and children gatherings, holiday fairs, group purchasing opportunities, a running group and more.
  • The park has established a unique club for park managers and employees with professional enrichment workshops, celebration toasts, introduction meetings, networking and exposure to other businesses.
  • The park promotes an agenda of social involvement and interaction among businesses, the community and environmental protection. The park administration and many of the park’s companies support the Center for Education, Science and Technology at the Technoda Institute, located in Givat Olga. The institute promotes technological education in the peripheral areas of the country.

Complimentary Services in the Park

  • The park offers employees a wide range of services including: restaurants and cafés, conference and event centers, a bank branch, post office, taxi station, sports field, leisure opportunities and more.
  • The park’s location allows for easy, convenient and close access to commercial centers in the area.
  • The park is located within a few minutes’ drive from the Caesarea Harbor National Park, the aqueduct beach and the only international golf club in Israel.

Caesarea’s outstanding business park attracts top executives from various industries around the world.